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British Anarchist Publications 1880-1890

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The title is a little misleading as I also will be listing articles written by anarchists in non-anarchist publications.


In his Recollections and Reflections (Carl Slienger; London,1976) first printed in Freedom in 1912 Frank Kitz writes that in 1878 or shortly afterwards the Socialist "sections" in London published the pamphlet The Principles of Social Democracy by John Sketchley and the "English section undertook the reissue of two pamphlets on Communism by Henry Glasse" (p13).   ( E P Thompson in  William Morris:From Romantic to Revolutionary calls " Principles.." a book.) I am presuming it is the 1879 edition published firstly by J.D Stocker in Birmingham  and then by The Social Democratic Party in London which both refer to.The London edition adds An exposition and Vindication to the title. Kitz appears to be more accurate here as the pamphlet has 36pp





1881                          The Cambridge Review ( March 30) has an article on "Anarchy" by Karl Pearson who claims that there is a small party of anarchists in the UK and their organ "Anarchist" has thousands of copies "scattered broadcast throughout the factories and workshops of this country"

N. Walter, in his discussion of John Quail's book,(Freedom  2nd, 16th, 30th September 1978) suggests that this  is the paper published by Edward Nathan-Ganz in Boston in January 1881






Dan Chatterton              The Commune of England        London, self published. 


Peter Kropotkin              The Russian Revolutionary Party   Newcastle Chronicle  October 12th 1882


Peter Kropotkin              The Russian Revolutionary Party ( revised and expanded)  Fortnightly Review  December (?) 1882




Peter Kropotkin            Russian Prisons       The Nineteenth Century    January


Peter Kropotkin            The Fortress Prison of St Petersburg   The Nineteenth Century  June


Peter Kropotkin             Outcast Russia :the journey to Siberia.        The Nineteenth Century    December


Dan Chatterton              Babies and Bunny Rabbits; A Popular Educator     London, self published


Michael Bakunin               God and The State                        Science Library;Tunbridge Wells.

                                       (reprint of Tuckers edition )


                                        Manifesto of the Socialists and Anarchists tried  in Lyons by the French government in January 1883 Apparently produced by a group of revolutionaries including Kitz and Lane.( according to Thomas -"Anarchists Ideas and Countercultures in Britain")The only thing I have seen  that could be this is a one page sheet  published by The International Socialist Federation, 15,Poland St, London W January 23 1883. However this version is entitled  Manifesto of the Socialists tried in Lyon by the French republican Government The same,perhaps?



Peter Kropotkin           The Exile In Siberia  The Nineteenth Century, March


 November-December    Long essay on anarchism in four issues of "Justice" (SDF paper) by "An English Anarchist" ( Charlotte Wilson)


W. Donisthorpe           Liberty or Law?        Liberty and Property Defence League, 1884





Peter Kropotkin        Finland: A Rising Nationality        The Nineteenth Century, March


Peter Kropotkin        The Coming War(on Afghan frontier}.                        The Nineteenth Century, May


Peter Kropotkin         What Geography Ought To Be        The Nineteenth Century, December    


Elisee Reclus                    Evolution and Revolution trans. Seymour.  International Publishing Co

                                          (A second, revised edition is advertised in July 1885 "The Anarchist" as ready " this week")

                                        A third edition is advertised in 1886


Peter Kropotkin                  An Appeal To The Young   (Modern Press)


Arbeiter Fraint          July 1885  some anarchist material but the paper did not become primarily anarchist until April 1891


Henry Seymour              P J Proudhon  (reprinted from 'The Anarchist")


Henry Appleton                  What Is Anarchism    (leaflet- published by Seymour)


Henry Seymour                   Labor and Capital   ( leaflet published by Seymour) both mentioned in "The Anarchist" Sept. 1885


Albert Tarn                         The State: It's Origin, It's Nature and It's Abolition      C. Stocker, Birmingham ( 1895 is a best guess)






Peter Kropotkin                    In French Prisons      The Nineteenth Century, March




P J Proudhon                        The Malthusians  (prefatory note Henry Seymour and translated by Benjamin Tucker) International Publishing Co. reprinted from "The Anarchist" (December 1885)

                                            Second edition July 1886



P J Proudhon                         What Is Property?  advertised in the October 1886 "Anarchist" as available.I presume this was the Benjamin Tucker published 1876 edition( Princeton).Seymour had, throughout 1886, said this work was " in the press" but I can't see any evidence of it ever appearing.


An English Anarchist (Charlotte Wilson)          The Criminal Law Amendment Act (reprinted from "The Anarchist")


Peter Kropotkin                    Expropriation   (International Publishing Co,) trans. Henry Glasse


Peter Kropotkin                   War  (International Publishing Co.)


Peter Kropotkin                    Law and Authority   (International Publishing Co.)


E. C Walker                           Love and Law               (International Publishing Co.?)



Peter Kropotkin                   The Place of Anarchism In Socialistic Evolution   (International Publishing Co.                        Sept 1886. First published in "The Anarchist" 1st July 1886

                                            2nd edition 1887  (William Reeves)


N. Cherneyshevsky              What Is To Be Done transl. and published By Benjamin Tucker.This edition available through 'The Anarchist" ( July 1886)


Stephen Pearl Andrews         The Labor Dollar


E. H Heywood                       Cupid's Yokes


E.H Heywood                        Natural Law


W. B. Greene                         Mutual Banking


E.Belfort Bax, Victor Dave and William Morris       A Short Account of the Commune of Paris of 1871( Socialist League)







Peter Kropotkin         The Scientific Basis of Anarchy        The Nineteenth Century, February


J.K Ingalls                           Work and Wealth: An Essay On The Economics of Socialism International Publishing Co.


Dan Chatterton                   Blood, Bullets and Bayonets  c.


Dan Chatterton                    The Franchise Swindle                   London, self published


Henry Seymour                    The Philosophy of Anarchism          International Publishing Co? (March?) 

                                            First appeared in The Anarchist Jan-Feb 1887


Joseph Lane                         Anti Statist Communist Manifesto      W.J. Ramsey; London   (June)


Peter Kropotkin                    The Place of Anarchism In Socialistic Evolution   International Publishing co.some have  another edition  in 1886.It did appear in "The Anarchist", No 17 July 1886.It was reprinted in 1887 by William Reeves.




Peter Kropotkin                     In Russian and French Prisons                              Ward and Downey,London


Peter Kropotkin                     The Coming Anarchy                Nineteenth Century, August.

                                             (revised as the first chapter of Anarchist Communism:It's Basis and Principles 1891))


L.S. Guggenberger  ( L.S. Bevington)      Dogs in Germany            Nineteenth Century, August   ( actually the article is about what it says it is, with some discussion of Dogs in England )!!!


Lothrop Withington                Constructive Murder: a speech delivered at a meeting to denounce the judicial assassination of the Chicago anarchists, held at the Communist Club, Tottenham Street on Friday evening October 7th 1887         International Publishers, 1887

         First printed in "The Anarchist" Nov.1st 1887



David Andrade              Free-Love Defined and Defended  (four page propaganda leaflet)   Henry Seymour (August?)  


August Spies                 Autobiography                            Chicago: Nina Van Spies, 1887  


Charles Theodore Reuss         The Matrimonial Question: From an Anarchistic Point of View     Henry Seymour   (October?)


Chicago Anarchists                  The Accused The Accusers   Chicago : Socialistic Publishing Society, 1886?                           







John Most                                The Accusation; a speech delivered by John Most, at Kramers Hall, New York, on November 13th 1887, in denunciation of the judicial butchery of the Chicago anarchists: for delivering which, he has been sentenced to twelve months imprisonment by Judge Cowling

                            H. Seymour (January )



Albert Parsons                         Anarchism: It's Philosophy and Scientific Basis          

                                             (available through "The Anarchist" from February 1888


Peter Kropotkin                     The Breakdown of Our Industrial System  The Nineteenth Century, April


Peter Kropotkin                      The Coming Reign of Plenty     The Nineteenth Century, June


Dan Chatterton                      Merry England, so called                          London, self published


Henry Seymour                      Michael Bakounine :A biographical sketch  self published, London




Henry Seymour                       The Anarchy of Love                               self published, London

                                            (serialized in the July and August issues of "The Anarchist".Advertised as a pamphlet in the August issue


Henry Seymour                       Anarchy,Theory and Practice                   self published, London


Peter Kropotkin                     The Industrial Village of the Future         The Nineteenth Century, October


Proudhon                         System of Economical Contradictions or The Philosophy of Misery   Tucker, Boston


Victor Yarros                        Anarchism:It's Aims and Methods.

                                            available in "The Anarchist"( July)



Edward Carpenter               Civilization:Its cause and cure                   Swann Sonnenschein, London


Peter Kropotkin                         The Wage System                                  Freedom Press


Peter Kropotkin                    The Great French Revolution and It's Lesson  The Nineteenth Century, June


H B Samuels                              A Straight Talk to Working Men             Socialist League     February( 4pp)


David Nicoll                               The Chicago Martyrs                              Socialist League   November(3pp)


Henry Seymour                           The Malthusian Theory


Albert Tarn                                 A Free Currency:What It means,How It Can Be Established,What It Can Accomplish                  Labour Press





Some publication details.In the June 1887  The Anarchist Seymour wrote:


"The International Publishing Co. as it stood has been dissolved, but will be carried on as an anarchistic publishing house by myself" I am inclined to think that what came from Newington Green after June 1887 was not published by International Publishing Co.but by Henry Seymour.More later.


Not sure just how much of Chatterton is anarchist.Perhaps by 1887? I have added the Carpenter because it is considered one of his most anarchist texts...Also date of Expropriation by Kropotkin.Presumably Proudhon's What is Property? transl. by Benjamin Tucker in 1876 was circulating through Seymour.Need to check the date of the  W. Reeves edition.The copy KSL has is part of Reeves' Bellamy Library-as are all other copies I have hunted for.If this is the only Reeves edition from this period the Bellamy Library was begun in 1890.That would rule it out of this particular chronology.


Not listing Kropotkin's writing in Freedom for the time being.More interested in those that were written for other publications.Oh- and Oliver (p44) states that Hyndman had, in 1885, translated some parts of Paroles d'un revolte Presumably in Justice??


There is, of course, other Carpenter from this period but......












La Revolution sociale  1880-81.( helped organize the 1881 Conference in London and fostered links with the French anarchists in London)


Le Travail (ed Brocher) Fr. 1880-81


Freheit  (English language) 1881 edited by Frank Kitz.English section of the Rose St,Club.Published as the organ of a Defence Committee ( London)


Die Autonomie  ( London) November 1886-1893


Der Rebell (London)  October 1883-October 1886


Le Bulletin du Congres de Londres  1881 (June-) ed Brocher under the name Rechorb


We know Le Revolte was being sold in London before 1885 (eg Trunk selling it in Stanhope St)


Commonweal  Feb. 1885-Sept.1892, May 1893-May 1894



The Anarchist (March 1885-magazine format from March 1887  -1888?


Freedom         October 1886-


The Radical Review ( ed. Henry Seymour) January-September 1889


Lucifer, the Lightbearer available through The Anarchist from 1885


The Practical Socialist (January 1886) had a piece by An English Anarchist ( Charlotte Wilson)







Italian newspapers in London 


La Guerre Sociale, journal socialiste-revolutionnaire ( October 1878- November 1878) London. Four issues   Zanardelli instrumental in it's publication


According to Diapola the paper oscillated between socialism and anarchism.4pp. Two in French, two in Italian


Bollettino Socialista Rivoluzionario               March-May 1879  London



L'Associazone   ( ed Malatesta et al)              30/11/89



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