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British Anarchist Publications 1880-1890

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Initially then, just the books and  pamphlets.Any additions much appreciated




Dan Chatterton              The Commune of England        London, self published. 




Dan Chatterton              Babies and Bunny Rabbits; A Popular Educator     London, self published


Michael Bakunin               God and The State                          Tucker, Boston (need to check when and where it arrived)


                                        Manifesto of the Socialists and Anarchists tried in Lyons by the French government in January 1883"      Apparently produced by a group of revolutionaries including Kitz and Lane.( according to Thomas -"Anarchists Ideas and Countercultures in Britain")The only thing I have seen  that could be this is a !one page sheet  published by The International Socialist Federation, 15,Poland St, London W January 23 1883. However this version is entitled " Manifesto of the Socialists tried in Lyon by the French republican Government" The same,perhaps?






Peter Kropotkin                  An Appeal To The Young   (Modern Press?)


"Arbeiter Fraint"            July 1885  some anarchist material but the paper did not become primarily anarchist until 1891




Peter Kropotkin                   War  (International Publishers)


Peter Kropotkin                    Law and Authority   (International Publishers)


Elisee Reclus                        Evolution and Revolution   (International Publishers)




Dan Chatterton                   Blood, Bullets and Bayonets  c.


Dan Chatterton                    The Franchise Swindle                   London, self published


Joseph Lane                         Anti Statist Communist Manifesto      W.J. Ramsey; London   (June)


Peter Kropotkin                    The Place of Anarchism In Socialistic Evolution    (William Reeves)  some have this in 1886


Peter Kropotkin                     In Russian and French Prisons                              Ward and Downey, London 


Lothrop Withington                Constructive Murder: a speech delivered at a meeting to denounce the judicial assassination of the Chicago anarchists, held at the Communist Club, Tottenham Street on Friday evening October 7th 1887                                              ( International Publishers )                                           




Dan Chatterton                      Merry England, so called                          London, self published


Henry Seymour                      Michael Bakounine :A biographical sketch  self published, London


Henry Seymour                      The Philosophy  Anarchism                     self published, London


Henry Seymour                       The Anarchy of Love                               self published, London


Henry Seymour                       Anarchy,Theory and Practice                   self published, London


Henry Seymour                       P J Proudhon: A biographical sketch


Proudhon                         System of Economical Contradictions or The Philosophy of Misery   Tucker, Boston



Edward Carpenter               Civilisation:Its cause and cure                   Swann Sonnenschein, London


Peter Kropotkin                         The Wage System                                  Freedom Press


H B Samuels                              A Straight Talk to Working Men             Socialist League     February( 4pp)


David Nicoll                               The Chicago Martyrs                              Socialist League   November(3pp)


Henry Seymour                           The Malthusian Theory











Le Travail (ed Brocher) Fr. 1880-81


Freheit  (English language) 1881 edited by Frank Kitz.English section of the Rose St,Club.Published as the organ of a Defence Committee.


Le Bulletin du Congres de Londres  1881 (June-) ed Brocher under the name Rechorb


We know Le Revolte was being sold in London before 1885 (eg Trunk selling it in Stanhope St)


The Anarchist (March 1885-magazine format from March 1887  -1888?


Freedom         October 1886-


The Radical Review ( ed. Henry Seymour) January-September 1889







Italian newspapers in London (according to Diapola)


La Guerre Sociale, journal socialiste-revolutionnaire ( October 1878- November 1878) London. Four issues   Zanardelli instrumental in it's publication


According to Diapola the paper oscillated between socialism and anarchism.4pp. Two in French, two in Italian


Bollettino Socialista Rivoluzionario               March-May 1879  London



L'Associazone   ( ed Malatesta et al)              30/11/89


Need to check when "Anarchism" by Parsons (1889?) arrived. Also not sure just how much of Chatterton is anarchist.Perhaps by 1887? I have added the Carpenter because it is considered one of his most anarchist texts....

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