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Anarchist Action Groups against Franco

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This is going to be a tad intermittent but the idea is to attempt to create a chronology of these groups as well as provide some sort of memorial to the members killed or imprisoned.


14 June 1939  Several JJ.LL groups arrested.Among thoise arrested is Celedonio Garcia Casino ( " Celes" ). He is released from prison in November 1945 , at which point he goes on to fight alongside Joesp Lluis Facerias.


21 June 1939 Salvador Gomez Talon, Juan Baeza and Jose Tarin return to Spain to attempt to free Talon's brother and others from prison. Francisco Ponzan and Juanel Molina ( the General Council of the Libertarian Movement's delegate for the French concentration. camps?) had drawn up a plan to help.They were accompanied into Spain by three members of the Ponzan network- Pascual Lopez Lagarta, Francisco Vidal and the guide Juan Catala. As well as freeing prisoners the job of the Gomez-Tarin group was to prepare the ground for CNT activity outside Barcelona.The printer Mario Marcelino Goyeneche and the engraver Manuel Benet Beltran forged seals, stamps and official chits for the group. The cost of this was funded from hold ups the group carried out. Using the forged chits and dressed as Civil Guards the group managed to free dozens of prisoners. Eventually they were discovered and two soldiers were killed in the ensuing shoot out.The group then would free prisoners as they were on the way to prison or were being transferred between prisons. One time ten prisoners on their way to execution were released from a van driven by Civil Guards. On 8th September 1939 the group were arrested along with others ( including Gomez's brother they had released)


12 September 1939  Gomez-Talon group executed, together with Fulgencio Rosauro Martinez, .




March 1940  Juan Catala sets up an escape line in Zaragoza.




11th September   Generoso Gran Perez a member of the CNT's Foodwoprker's Union ic aptured. He had returned from France to act as a go-between.


 11th November   German anarchist Hoffman Reinhold  who returned from France is charged with carrying on the fight against Francoism. Receives 30 years.




1949  A terrible year for the armed resistance. Names and dates are taken from " The Attack on Spain's Embassy in Genoa in 1949" by Antonio Tellez, published in " Polemica" No 58  July-Sept 1995 and translated by Paul Sharkey for the KSL pamphlet " Anarchist International Action Against Francoism from Genoa 1949 to the First of May Group" (2010)



January  Court martial sentences of death passed on Aragonese guerrillas Justiniano Garcia ( 'El Macho") and Pedro Acosta Canovas (' El Chaval" )


9 March ,Jose Lopez Penedo  ( from Galicia) was wounded and arrested following a gun battle with the security forces in Torrasa


11 March  Miguel Barba Moncayo ( "Reyes") murdered in cold blood by police in his own home, shortly after his release from prison.


22nd March  Justiniano Garcia ( " El Macho" ) and Pedro Acosta Canovas ( " El Chaval" ) executed


Mid-May   a team of ten guerrillas entered Spain from France. Fabian Nuez Quiles (36), Rogero Burillo Esteban (35) and Jorge Camon Biel (35) were shot and killed while trying to cross the river Ebro.Within days the rest of the group were arrested.


July   a team of eleven guerrillas entered Spain from France. Aurelio Marti (24) and Antonio Ribera were killed in Huesca Province.


September in Barcelona Province Italian anarchist Helios Ziglioli died in a Civil Guard ambush


October   An awful month  .Killed in Barcelona, alone , were Luciani Alpuente, Jose Sabate Llopart, Julio Rodriguez Fernandez, Juan Serrano, Arquimedes Serrano Ovejas, Victor Espallargas, Jose Luis Barrao and Francisco Martinez Marquez.Others were arrested and then shot later. These included  Jose Perez Pedrero, Pedro Ardover Font, Jorges Pons Argiles, Santiago Amir Gruanas, Cines Urrea Pina


11th November    Arrested in Barcelona Province were Juan Vilella ( " Moreno " 47, Jose Bartobillo, ( 25 ) and the brothers Miguel and Jaime Guito. Within a few days  all had been murdered in the open countryside.


22 December  " Los Manos" action group passed from France into Spain.Barnabe Lopez Calle and Juan Ruiz Hercano were killed in the mountains around Cadiz




9th January 1950   Wenceslao Jiminez Orive of the " Los Manos " group gunned down in Barcelona.Two members of the group- Simon Gracia  Flerigan and Placido Ortiz Gratal- were arrested on the same day


4th February   Jose Lopez Penedo ( shot and arrested in Torrasa on 9th March 1949 ) executed in Barcelona along with Carlos Vidal Pasanau (31), Saturnino Calebras Saiz and Manuel Sabate Llopart all arrested in 1949.


March  Pedro Vargas Valverde ( ' Castellanot" ) aged 32 and Juan Subinya Heras ( 39 ) gunned down in Gerona.


8th May      Five members of the team of ten guerrillas that entered Spain in mid-May 1939 were executed in Zaragoza- Manuel Llovet Isidro ( 43 ), Jose Capdivela Ferrer ( 29 ), Manuel Rodenas Valero ( 31 ), Alfredo Carvera Canizares ( 37 ) and Roger Ramos Rodriguez ( 30 )


December 24   Simon Gracia Flerigan and Placido Ortiz Gratal, the two members of the "Los Maños" group arrested on 9th January 1950, executed. Also Victoriano Muñoz Treserras (or Trasserra) (born in Barcelona in 1923). He was executed alongside Simón Gracia Fleringán and Plácido Ortiz Gratal. He is described simply as a "CNT driver and a guerrilla with the Los Maños group". Possibly he joined the group late on, which would explain why so little, other than his union affiliation, is known about him and why he is often overlooked. [note from Los Maños: the lads from Aragon].



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