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Liberty  (London 1894-1896) pamphlets

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As yet these are not in any chronological order


Tcherkesoff, W         Let Us Be Just ( An open letter to Liebknecht)   1896


" Ireland"                  Environment and Character  ( interestingly an extant copy has the title  " Social Conditions and Character") 1896


Bevington, L.S.          Anarchism and Violence (appears in November 1896 " Liberty")


Henry, Agnes            Anarchist Communism and It's Relation to State Socialism


Hamon, A.                 Definition of Crime


Bevington, L.S.           Common-Sense Country


E. Domela Nieuwenhuis  ( trans. R. Grierson)      Socialism in Danger, Part One


-------------------------------------       Socialism in Danger , Part Two


"Spokeshave"               Jones' Boy : Dialogue on Social Questions between an "Enfant Terrible" and his father


Bevington, L.S.             Liberty Lyrics


Reclus, Elisee               The Ideal and Youth


-----------                An Anarchist on Anarchy

                                   (Reprinted from the Contemporary Review") A fourth edition 1897


De Cleyre, Voltairine     In Defence of Emma Goldmann and the Right of Expropriation


Duncan, H.H.                 A Plea for Anarchist Communism


Various                         The Why I Ams (First Series) ; Why I am a Socialist and an Atheist by Conrad Naewiger; Why I am a Social

                                     Democrat by G. Bernard Shaw; Why I am an Idividualist Anarchist by J. Armsden


Various                          The Why I Ams (Second Series) ; Why I am a Communist by William Morris; Why I am an Expropriationist

                                      by Louise Bevington


In our copy of " Common- Sense Country" (nd)  above the list of Liberty pamphlets is written "in the Press". One of the two pamphlets mentioned is Nieuwenhuis' "Socialism In Danger" Part 2 which was printed. The second pamphlet was " Parliamentary Politics in the Socialist Movement" by Errico Malatesta. That doesn't appear to have been published.Anyone know anything?

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