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International Conference of Revolutionary Socialists 1890

Page history last edited by Barry Pateman 10 years, 12 months ago

Yes.Another one.Held at the Autonomie Club, 6 Windmill St, Tottenham Court Road  on Sunday August 3, 1890.It's aims

"To secure United International Action on the part of the Revolutionary Party in the extent of a European crisis,so that the Cause is not injured by indecision in such events" plus other tactical questions ie the best way to do this!!

Following groups and societies appeared to be present

Autonomie Club

Berner St. Club

East London Anarchist-Communist Group

Gleichheit Club

Hull Freiheit Club

Freedom Group

Italian,French and Scandinavian Groups

Knights of Liberty Group

Sheffield Socialist Society

West End Anarchist-Communist Group   

The following branches of the Socialist League :

North London



East London

North Kensington

South London







I have records of the following individuals being there

Frank Kitz (on behalf of the Socialist League)

Charles Mowbray

George Cores

Fred Charles (Sheffield Socialist Society)

Errico Malatesta

Ogden (Oxford)

T. Pearson (Freedom Group)

Bordes (French Group)

Kent (Sheffield)

Miss Lupton

J.Casey (Freedom Group?)

Louise Michel

William Wess

Max Nettlau

David Nicoll

Mrs Lahr (East London Anarchist-Communist Group  spoke at their meeting in Victoria Park on 13 July 1890)

H. Davis(  as per Mrs lahr.Spoke at same meeting)


William Wess and E. W Burnie are credited as secretaries

All this I gleaned from a two sided report of the meeting.Anyone have any information on Ogden, Mrs Lahr, Miss Lupton? Also if you know who else was there I would be really happy to know.The people I have listed are those credited with speaking in the Conference discussion.More on it's outcomes later.I'd like to think that the Hull Freiheit group was represented by Billy MacQueen but that may be an old man's wishful thinking





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