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Freedom Press pamphlets

Page history last edited by Barry Pateman 6 years, 6 months ago

What follows is based on the thorough work of Carl Sleinger.It is a bibliography of pamphlets published by Freedom Press between 1889 and 1923.I will add the later years in the next few weeks.Together with "Mother Earth" pamphlets and the pamphlets initiated by Benjamin Tucker  published in the United States,Freedom Press pamphlets were responsible for introducing written anarchism to,initially,English speakers all over the world.A look at them might give us some clue to what people understood by anarchist communism and anarchism in that period.More on this later.Meanwhile here is the list


1889  Kropotkine, Peter  The Wage System  December (Freedom pamphlet No 1)

                                        (translation of Le Salariat in five issues "La Revolte . No 47 ( 26 August) 1888), No 48 ( 2 September 1888), No 49 (9 September 1888), Second series No 2 (23 September 1888), No 3 ( 30 September 1888)

                                       A " New and Revised edition, 1909?

                                       A  "New" edition, 1920


1891  Kropotkine, Peter   The Commune of Paris  March (Freedom pamphlet No 2)

                                       ( translation of La Commune de Paris" in Le Revolte 20th March 1880

                                         "Freedom " April 1891- musical concert arranged by William Wess at Berner St

                                         Club for the " Freedom" pamphlet fund.. Made 12/6d which, together with pre-paid

                                         orders from the Autonomie Club, Knights of Liberty and other groups paid the cost

                                         of ' Freedom" pamphlet No 2 and left a small balance for No. 3

                                        Second (?) edition,1896


          Malatesta, Errico     A Talk About Anarchist Communism between Two Workers August (Freedom pamphlet No 3)

                                        (translation of  Propaganda Socialista-Fra Contadini in "La Questione Sociale" September 1884.

                                        " Revised and enlarged from the Third Italian edition"

                                          Fifth Edition, 1894

                                          By the Eighth edition(nd) it had become entitled "A Talk Between Two Workers"


          Kropotkine, Peter      Anarchist Communism:Its Basis and Principles September (Freedom pamphlet No 4)

                                          (A re-issue of The Scientific Basis of Anarchy in the "Nineteenth Century, February 1887 and The

                                           Coming Anarchy in "Nineteenth Century", August 1887. Printed at the New Fellowship Press,26 Newington Green Road, London, N.

                                            A  Second edition 1895

                                            A Third Edition 1897

                                            A 1913 edition, unnumbered

                                            A 1920 edition  unnumbered


1892  Malatesta, Errico      Anarchy October (Freedom pamphlet No 5)

                                           (translation of "L'Anarchia", London 1891)


          Kropotkine ,Peter     Anarchist Morality  October (Freedom pamphlet No 6)

                                           (translation of  La Morale Anarchiste in "La Revolte" March1-16 April, 1890

                                           A 1909 edition, unnumbered

                                           An eighth edition 1912

                                           A ninth edition 1917 with illustrated cover by Leonard Motler




1894  Wilson, Charlotte     Anarchism and Outrage January? (Freedom pamphlet No 8)

                                          (a re-issue of "Anarchism and Moral Outrage"  "Freedom", December 1893)

                                           Second(?) edition,1909


1895  Kropotkine, Peter     Expropriation  March/April? (Freedom pamphlet No 7)

                                           translation of  L'Expropriation in "Le Revolte", July 1886. ( NB- this is a different text from the pamphlet of the same name published by International Publishing Company in 1886.


          Bevington, Louise Sarah  An Anarchist manifesto.Issued by the London Anarchist Communist Alliance  May?


          Bevington , Louise Sarah  Chiefly a Dialogue concerning some Difficulties of a Dunce August


          Etievant, Grave and Caserio  Anarchy on Trial December (Freedom pamphlet No 9) 

                                                    translations of  Declarations de G.Eteviant in "La Revolte 15-22,29th October,1892, Proces de

                                                     La Sociale Mourante etc  in "La Libre Parole" 25 February 1894



1896  Landauer, Gustave  Social Democracy in Germany  August/September?

                          (translation of Von Zurich nach London in  "Der Sozialist" 1896     


          Morris, William        Useful Work v Useless Toil  October/November?    (The "Freedom" Library)

                                          First appeared as No 2 of The Socialist Platform. Socialist League Office,1886. The Freedom Press 

                                          edition has exactly the same pagination

                                           A second edition around 1900/1901

                                           An undated reprint of The " Freedom" Library edition by William Reeves, publisher

                                           A 1919 reprint of The "Freedom" Library edition by Judd Publishing Co.( Sydney) 1919



          Morris, William         Monopoly,or How Labour is Robbed   October/November? (The "Freedom" Library)


1897   Kropotkin, Peter       Anarchism:Its Philosophy and Ideal  March (Freedom pamphlet No 10)

                                            (translation of" L'Anarchie,Sa Philosophie,Son Ideal"  Paris 1896


           Spies et al                The Chicago Martyrs September

                                            'Published by T.Cantwell at 127 Ossulton St,N.W.,"Freedom Group" at 7 Lamb's Conduit Street,W.C. and of all Anarchist Groups"

                                            This is the speech from the dock of August Spies.


           Spanish Atrocities Committee  Revival of the Inquisition- Prefatory note by Edward Carpenter. December?


1898   Kropotkin, Peter       The State:Its Historical Role  September (Freedom pamphlet No 11)

                                             (translation of L'Etat:Son Role Historique in "Les Temps Nouveaux" No 19, 1896

                                             A Fourth Edition 1912


1900   Nettlau , Max           Responsibility and Solidarity in the Labor Struggle   May? (Freedom pamphlet No 12)                                 based on his article "New Tactics For Trade Unionists" ("Freedom", November 

                                           1897) "Responsibility and Solidarity in the Labor Struggle" was then serialised                                                in "Freedom" of January-February 1900 and March-April 1900. 

                                           The pamphlet also had another article " a review of the policy lately discussed 

                                            by the German Social Democracy and Edward Bernstein.

                                            "Responsibility....." was serialised in "La Protesta" in Spanish (Buenos Aires) in 1903 and 

                                            was reprinted  as "La Responsebilita' e las Solidariera nella Lotta Operaia"                                                Editrice L'Azione, Barre,Vt. 1913) in Italian


1901   Glasse, Henry           Socialism the Remedy  April?  ("Freedom" Library)

                                            (Reprinted from "Freedom")


           Nieuwenhuis, Ferdinand Domela  The Pyramid of Tyranny   October (Freedom pamphlets No 13)

                                            (translation of "De Pyramide der Tirannie" , Amsterdam,1901

                                             A Second edition  1909


1902    Kropotkin, Peter    Organised Vengeance called Justice together with Glasse, H The Superstition of Government  April/May? ('Freedom" Library}

                                           (translation of "L'Organisation de la Vindicte", Paris,1901


1903    Kropotkin and Peter    Socialism and Politics  June (Freedom pamphlets No 14)


1904    Kropotkin, Peter       The Coming Revival of Socialism   April?  (Freedom pamphlet No 15)

                                            (partly reprinted from "Freedom")


1905   Libertas (A. A. Davies?)   The King and the Anarchist  May 


1907   Walter, K (?)                The International Anarchist Congress Held at the Plancius Hall, Amsterdam   December


1908    Pouget, Jean,Joseph, Emile    The Basis of Trade Unionism   March  ('Voice of Labour" pamphlet}

                                               (translation of  "Les Bases du Syndicalisme" , Paris,1902?


           Chapelier, Emile and Marin, Gassy   Anarchists and the International Language Esperanto  August

                                               (translation of " Les Anarchistes et la Langue Internationale 'Esperanto"", Paris,1908


1909   Smith, J. Blair                 Direct Action Versus Legislation     April

                                                (2nd edition.First edition published by the "Free Action Anarchist Group", Glasgow,1899

                                                 A Third edition 1913


           Swan, Tom                    Kropotkin,the Man and his Message  September

                                                 (reprinted from "The Milligate Monthly"


1910    Bakunin, Michael          God and the State  a new edition revised. February

                                                 (First published in Boston,1883 by B. Tucker}

                                                 perfect bound Soft cover


1911    Tcherkesoff, Varlaam, Nikolaevich   Concentration of Capital.A Marxian Fallacy   January (Freedom pamphlet)

                                                 (a chapter from his "Pages of Socialist History", New York,1902


1912   Roller, Arnold                    The Social General Strike    April

                                                 (translation of Der Soziale Generalstreik", Berlin 1905

                                                  An "Anglicised version" of the edition published in New York by George Bauer in 1905


           Anon                                  The Story of the Chicago Martyrs  October (Freedom pamphlet)


           Kropotkin, Peter                  Modern Science and Anarchism  December

                                                   (translation of Russian edition published in London in 1901.The first English edition was published in 1903 in Philadelphia)

                                                   A Second edition 1923



1913   Spencer, Herbert                 The Right to Ignore the State  December  (Freedom pamphlet"

                                                     (Chapter omitted by the author in his 1892 revised edition of "Social Statics")


1914  Wilkinson, Lily Gair               Women's Freedom   May


          Kropotkin, Peter                   Wars and Capitalism   August   (Freedom pamphlet)

                                                       ( a chapter of his "Modern Science and Anarchism" )


1915   Barrett, George                      The Anarchist Revolution  May

                                                        (reprint of A General View of Anarchism in "Freedom")

                                                        ( another edition, 1920)


1920   Wakeman, John                     Anarchism and Democracy  January  (Freedom pamphlet")


            Senex (W C Owen)                 England Monopolised or England Free?   May    (Freedom pamphlet)


1921  Barrett, George                        Objections to Anarchism   September  (Freedom pamphlet)


1922   Owen, W. C.                            Anarchism Versus Socialism   June  (Freedom pamphlet)

                                                          ( first published in New York by the Mother Earth Publishing Association,1908)


           Goldman, Emma                     The Crushing of the Russian Revolution  November


1923    Kropotkin, Peter                      Revolutionary Government   June (Freedom pamphlet)

                                                            (translation of Le Gouvernement pendant la Revolution in "Le Revolte" 1882

                                                            The first English edition was published in London by "Commonweal" in 1892



That'll do to start with.More later with sources of pamphlets, reprints of pamphlets and circulations  etc etc























Comments (6)

shawnpwilbur said

at 2:25 am on Jun 16, 2013

Excellent stuff, Barry. Tochatti's "Liberty Press" is perhaps one of the others pamphlet series we should take a look at. It has quite a bit of overlap with the Freedom series, in terms of writers. I have the beginnings of a list compiled, I think.

Barry Pateman said

at 3:46 pm on Jun 16, 2013

Thanks,Shawn.If I get chance today I'll create a Liberty page and put in what I know.Perhaps you could put your material in as well?

shawnpwilbur said

at 4:36 pm on Jun 16, 2013

Barry Pateman said

at 2:50 pm on Jun 17, 2013

Thanks Shawn.I reckon that these are the only ones.I couldn't find anymore.

Malcolm Archibald said

at 12:14 pm on Jul 10, 2016

"The Wage System" (Freedom pamphlet No. 1) was originally published as "Le Salariat" in five installments in "La Révolte": No. 47 (26 August 1988), No. 48 (2 September 1988), No. 49 (9 September 1988); Second Series: No. 2 (23 September 1988), No. 3 (30 September 1988). See http://archivesautonomies.org/spip.php?article1779.

john said

at 3:09 am on Jul 18, 2016

Thanks Malcolm. With my proofreader hat on: all 1888 (not 1988)

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