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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 3 months ago

Todo for launch (Erik)

  • Make it work on IE [Front page is better now, some eg http://ksl.nettlau.org/concept/lives still lacking scroll bar. John]


    • (when I tried this it really didn't like my screensize and was a bit jumbled- is this just me and my awful windows pc at work?)
    • [on windows explorer 7, i get just one screen's worth of text, and no scroll bar, even though there should be more: 'done, with errors'.]
  • Fit documents about KSL better into site.
  • Set all documents pub_date to site launch date.
  • Make sure that pamphlets are listed with documents.
  • Make images work for Costantini art.
  • Figure out how to do online exhibitions.
  • Make sure that all the old urls redirect to the new ones.
  • Make bulletins sort propertly.


Todo in the future:

  • add variant names for persons
  • translations/acronyms for organizations
  • previous and later incarnations 'see also' for orgs


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