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Anarchist history

Byways of Spanish Anarchism

Liberty (London 1894-1896) pamphlets 

British Anarchist Publications 1880-1890
Still unanswered

Freedom Press pamphlets

Free Society Pamphlets

US Anarchism 1886-1919 Bibliography

Anarchist newspaper circulation    

19th Century Anarchist Individualism Bibliography

International Conference of Revolutionary Socialists 1890

International Revolutionary Socialist Conference, London 14-19 July 1881

Leah Feldman's photo album

Aron Baron (notes and queries)

Russian Anarchist letters in Amsterdam

Exiled Russian Anarchist portraits in Amsterdam

US Anarchism 1886-1919 Bibliography

Welsh anarchists

Digitised Documents

Francesco Widmar

The 1945 split in British anarchism

Comrade Gisia

Der Arbayter Fraynd [The Worker’s Friend] (Page images from issues 1903-1904)








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