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Digitised Documents

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Links to digitised documents. 


A Brief History of Spanish Anarchist Refugees and Immigrants in Australia.


Anarchist Federation [leaflet]


A Grass Root C.N.T. Militant Remembers


Information Bulletin of the International Working Men's Association, No. 1 Jan. 15, 1923


In Memory of a Revolutionary Spanish Anarchist


Marie Louise Berneri Memorial


Rudolf Grossman, Lessons of Revolutions in Germany and Austria [leaflet]


Spain Anarchism (London: Anarchist-Syndicalist Union CNT-FAI, n.d)


The Anarchist and the Spanish Social Revolution: Interviewing Salvador Torrents


Voice of Labour [leaflet] (1907)


[Anarchist Federation split] Albert Meltzer explains his resignation


(Anarchist Federation Split) Letter from Cliff Holden


(Anarchist Federation split) London Anarchist Group summing up of affairs


(Anarchist Federation split) Albert Meltzer letter to The Word


(Anarchist Federation split) Resignation letter from Marie Louise Berneri


(Anarchist Federation split) Freedom Press, 1886-1941 [Friends of Freedom Press]


(Anarchist Federation split) Friends of Freedom Press membership form


(Anarchist Federation split) The Aims and principles of the Union of Anarchist Groups


(Anarchist Federation split) John Hewetson, To the comrades of the A.F.


(Anarchist Federation split) Letter from Freedom Press Group to the Anarchist Federation


(Anarchist Federation split) Draft proposals for the formation of a Syndicalist Workers Federation [1949]


(Anarchist Federation split) John Hewetson and Kingston Group on the Fenwick Affair


(Anarchist Federation split) Freedom Press Group on Desmond Fenwick


(Anarchist Federation split) Jack Wade's witness statement on events of January 8th 1945


(Anarchist Federation split) 1950 proposals to transform the AFB. From Ron's archive at The Sparrows' Nest http://www.thesparrowsnest.org.uk/


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